Industrial Computer applies in Mobile TV System

Industrial Computer applies in Mobile TV System

Project Introduction:
The in-vehicle TV market is blooming over the past years. Except for buses, in- vehicle electronic devices are widely used in coach, taxi, railways and light rail, etc. The price of cars in domestic market declines. Therefore, people have bigger desire to buy cars. This shows bright future for in- vehicle TV system. Meanwhile, due to the application of computer and network technology, the in- vehicle TV changes from a huge simple player into a compact and two-way interactive function supported multimedia network television system.

System requirement: 

Vehicles will need to run on bumpy roads, extreme weathers or other unpredictable environments. A good in- vehicle TV system should possess good anti-vibration capability, high/low temperature resistance, and humidity resistance advantages to adjust to environments. System thus can be ensured to play without breakdown. Owing to the limited space in the vehicle, in- vehicle applications are supposed to be small and light.


The touch computer is based on Intel Atom processor technology, low noise fanless design. The pc supports the display by VGA/DVI/TV, easy to extend.

It possesses SD card reader, 4*USB 2.0 ports, VGA, TV-out, DVI, 5.1 CH audio and one serial port, thus can provide a safe and reliable hardware platform for the mobile TV system.

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