Touch Computer applies in Public Bicycle Rental System

Touch Computer applies in Public Bicycle Rental System

Project Introduction:
Since the public bicycle rental project was popularized in mainland China, the bike rental industry chain also developed.

With the vigorous development of the Internet of Things industry, the bicycle rental management system also more and more widely uses wireless communication equipment. Common bicycle rental systems are usually composed of the rental management center, the city management center, the rental point, and the user IC card.

Throughout the whole rental system, the good and organized operation of the rental point is related to the efficiency of the entire bike rental operation.

System requirement: 
Public bicycle rental system are generally composed of the data center, management information system (MIS), zoning operation center (issuing, recharge, scheduling, maintenance, etc.), site intelligent controller, electronic anti-theft locks, bicycles, bike locks and other basic parts.

You can also equip it with parking shed, site video surveillance system and interactive websites as required.

The touch computer is based on Intel Atom processor technology, low noise fanless design. The pc supports the display by VGA/DVI/TV, easy to extend.

It’s with front-end data acquisition, wireless data transmission, wireless video surveillance, background business operation management system and wireless video surveillance platform.The rental management department only needs to install a computer control equipment at each rental point, then can complete the equipment docking, data acquisition, video surveillance and business operation and maintenance functions.


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