Touch computer applies in the driver testing system

Touch computer applies in the driver testing system

Project Introduction:

Intelligent testing is through installing the computer, positioning system, sensors, audio&video capture devices and other equipment into the testing vehicle, so as to automatically evaluate the testing projects. It replaces the original manual evaluation, records the audio and video information of the test, and also can playback the testing process. The automated examination of subject three reduces the interference to the examination caused by human factors, then improves the publicity, impartiality and equity of the examination. The quality of the examination of subject three plays a vital role in the training of qualified drivers.


System requirement:

The highly integrated vehicle information collector obtains the vehicle driving information, and the high precision carrier phase differential GPS ( CDGPS) gains vehicle position information, then the car embedded tablet pc will evaluate the information. The evaluation data and video&audio data will be  real-time transmitted to the server through 3G network, so as to finish the intelligent examination.



The touch computer is based on Intel Atom processor technology, low noise fanless design. It’s with front-end data acquisition, wireless data transmission, wireless video surveillance, background business operation management system and wireless video surveillance platform.

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